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Prepare your home for exterior painting project 


If you are having professional painters come to your house you may be wondering if you need to do anything to prepare. The short answer to this question is, ‘Yes!’ But the prep work is minimal so try not to panic and wonder why you hired someone if you have to do all the work. It is a good idea to understand what you need to get done and what you can expect from the professional painters. The whole process will be much more enjoyable if everyone has the correct expectations.

Tasks the homeowner should complete before professional painters arrive

As the homeowner, you need to make sure your home is free from clutter that may get in the way of the painters. Remove items near the house such as patio furniture, grills, and trash bins. Place them away from the wall of your home. Trim trees and shrubs. They will need space to move around, lay out drop cloths, set up ladders, and access supplies.

Tasks you can leave for the painting contractor

Professional painters will come to your home with all of the supplies they need to complete their task. This includes items such as drop cloths, brushes, rollers, sprayers, and trays among others. They will also do all of the major prep work like scraping, sanding, and power washing.

If there are some items you are unsure about do not hesitate to give your painting contractor a call. For example, do you need to have large pieces of furniture moved or can the contractors get all the painting done without them being moved? The answer will depend on the type of furniture and your specific contractor. Getting prepared for professional painters to come into your home will take a little time and planning on your part. It is worth the effort though because all of the steps mentioned here will add to the overall success of the paint job.



*Vignale Construction is not liable for a customer's failure to follow these guidelines.

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